Ultimate Bodybuilding:

The I.A.F.S. Ultimate Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition Program

With the evolving world of Bodybuilding, the competitors have more classes and categories to choose from. The addition of Men’s and Women’s Physique has given a boost to the popularity of the sport. The Women’s Bikini has also seen a steady increase and climb in the number of competitors as well.

The sport of Bodybuilding is regaining it’s popular image with the addition of these new categories. If it is your desire to train, shape, and target this sector of athletes then the Ultimate Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition program is for you.

What is Ultimate Bodybuilding?

Ultimate Bodybuilding provides you with the tools and knowledge to prepare your clients for competition if that is their goal. This program will give you the understanding of the different body types and how to create programs specific to their goals. It will also provide the science of carbohydrate depletion and reloading, helps you examine various training systems, the art of posing, and sports nutrition. This program was created based upon bodybuilding science and real life experiences. This is the first and only bodybuilding certification written by a 8 time Mr. Olympia.

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We Strive to IMPACT Lives and Communities ALL OVER THE WORLD with a COMPREHENSIBLE Exercise and Fitness Model

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