Eat to Live
My experience as a professional bodybuilder has taught me how to manipulate nutrition and exercise on every level possible. From training world class athletes life Evander Holyfield to entertainers like Steve Harvey to senior track athletes, Jeannie and Bill Daprano. Nutrition is the driving force behind anyone striving to establish ongoing success in any area › Read more
Interview with Obstacle Racing Media
Today’s show features a sit down interview with Lee Haney. After success in bodybuilding as a teenager, Lee went on to win Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row.   Since he stopped competing, he has been sought after as a coach and personal trainer. His clients have included Evander Holyfield, Steve Harvey, and many › Read more
Can Ubiquinol Help You Heal?  U-betcha!
Ubiquinol Ubiquinol is a coenzyme, commonly referred to as CoQ-10. This enzyme is naturally found in the body from birth to death. Sources of Ubiquinol included: meats, fish, shrimp and other marine animals. However, the amounts absorbed from these natural sources is quite small, so Ubiquinol can also be taken in a tablet or capsule. › Read more
Drink Down Some Sunshine!
Drink down some sunshine! Getting out into the sun is the best way to help your body produce vitamin D-3, a naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamin made by your skin. As we all know, sometimes soaking up some rays even for fifteen to twenty minutes a day can be almost impossible. So, another way to consume › Read more
Rest Easy with the Benefits of Resveratrol
Resveratrol Polyphenols are compounds derived from plants,which usually produce fruits such as grapes, berries, and peanuts. These are all great sources of Polyphenols, one in particular that has come to the forefront is, Resveratrol. Resveratrol can be found in all three of the above listed foods. Resveratrol supplements are commonly produced from a native Chinese › Read more
Lycopene Lycopene is a great natural preventative for so many conditions and diseases. An extremely potent antioxidant found not only in tomatoes, but in papaya, watermelon and pink grapefruit as well. Lycopene is what gives these specific fruits their red coloring. As an antioxidant, Lycopene can neutralize dangerous cancer causing free radicals in the body. › Read more
Eight Glasses a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Hydration There are so many wonderful reasons to keep your body hydrated and all of these reasons are great to know. Firstly, properly hydrating, (this means drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day) can keep you feeling full longer, so it can help with weight loss. Secondly, water has the ability to detox your body › Read more
Power-Up With a Daily Multivitamin
Multivitamin Every day is the same, we are on the “go” from the minute our eyes open until well after the sun goes down. Living a hectic lifestyle can make for unbalanced and sometimes even skipped meals. If this is common for you, you may want to consider taking a multivitamin to keep your body › Read more
Keep Yourself Healthy: Get up and Move!
Move You are driving down the road and you see someone walking at a very fast pace. Speed walking like they are on a mission! You think to yourself, “Why don’t they just jog? They practically are anyway.” Or maybe you see someone jogging, their pace seems very slow and you think to yourself, “Why › Read more