Amino Acids, Get the Results You Want!

Amino Acids

Arguably one of the most important parts of our nutrition. Out of the hundreds of amino acid combinations found in nature, the human body contains about twenty-four. These twenty-four amino acids are vital to every single process of every system in the body.

Unfortunately, not all of them can be found in the food we eat. Amino Acids join together in different combinations in order to form different and very important proteins. These amino acids aid the body in everything from: increasing energy to proper and efficient wound healing to normalizing hormone production to kidney and liver function.

Not to mention how they affect our immune system and many other organs and functions in the human body. When you take into account that seventy-five percent of our bodies are made of amino acids, their importance totally makes sense.

As an athlete, amino acids are imperative in repairing, growing, and keeping tissues in good working order. Also, amino acids play an enormous part in muscle retention. Not having enough can cause trouble in our bodies from the inside out.

Now the obvious question is, how do I make sure I get all of the amino acids I need to stay healthy? Whey Isolate Protein powder is a great source. Other great sources can be found in less concentrated forms of foods such as beans, eggs, milk, lean meats, and soy products.
Amino Acids are important to everyone’s health and body function, especially serious athletes. Make sure you are getting enough!

Take Care & Be Fit!