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The IAFS is now open to bodybuilders, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts all over the world who would like to become an associate member of the first and only certification organization created by 8-time, Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney.

As an associate member, you will have access to educational fitness services to help achieve your fitness training goals.

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  • *Functional exercise instructional video
  • *Nutrition Tips from Lee Haney and other IAFS certified trainers


Functional Training imitates the natural everyday physical function of our daily activities. For example, we push (close doors), we pull (open doors), we bend (reach down to pick up items), we jog (when in a hurry). A functional training exercise program will consist of controlled weight bearing and or resistance movement that enhances the natural function of the body while also increasing stamina and flexibility.

Functional Training provides the tools for overall physical health. It combines strength exercises, core exercises, cardio-vascular exercises, and stretching exercises within the course of each set of movements. Everything needed to keep the body physically functional and ready to perform. It’s the perfect program for managing age.

The beauty of Functional Training is that it can be done individually, in a group setting (church, corporation, community center), the confines of your home, at the office with co-workers, or at the park with friends. The entire workout should take no more than 40-45 minutes.

The equipment best suited for Functional Training consist of dumbbells (5,10, or a 12 lb set), medicine balls (5 to 8lb), and a exercise matt. This type of equipment can be purchased by the participants or the organization overseeing the program.

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